Gig-fx ethos statement

  • To design and manufacture light-weight, road-worthy products to the highest standard of reliability. We use cast aircraft aluminum shells and optical circuitry for example.
  • To create different and exciting products that fill niches in the market and add entertainment value.
  • To aim at the professional and working musician by maintaining high standards of signal integrity, low noise-circuits and seamless, transparent pedal by-passes.
  • To strive to remain in the analog realm. We are not fans of scrolling through patches on stage.


Since January of 2005, gig-fx has been producing award-winning pedals. We started at a small, high-end manufacturing facility in China and more recently have been assembling pedals in the US.

Going forward, the company will be suspending its manufacturing operation and will now only be
making individual pedals to order. We will also continue to support & repair existing gig-fx products.

Jeff Purchon will be stepping down as CEO, and our chief engineer and co-founder, Bruce Ritz, will be taking over the helm and handling all requests and inquiries, including those for custom adaptations of our existing product line.

These pedals will only be available for direct sale to the public, not from retailers.

Even so, some of our esteemed retailers may still have inventory – including, but not limited to,
the dealers listed on our Where to Buy page.

We deeply value the friendships and partnerships we have made throughout the past eleven years.
We have been truly honored by the patronage of many top artists worldwide as well as numerous
talented and enthusiastic gigging musicians.

Thank you for all your support and the great music we have shared over the years! It’s been quite a ride!

We will be keeping the website alive for the time being.

Background: Who is gig-fx?

Jeff Purchon, founder and CEO of gig-fx, started playing guitar at age 11. He was influenced by Clapton, Hendrix, Peter Green, Paul Kossoff, Alvin Lee, and other guitar greats at the time. Mick Ronson (Bowie) was his school friend and local band mate. From age 13 he was playing in high schools, social clubs, army bases and bars in the North of England. At age 17 he was playing as a warm up band in 5000 capacity venues for Black Sabbath, Free, Genesis, Deep Purple, Robert Palmer and other major acts. Jeff signed with EMI records at age 17 but his band declined to move to London to cash in at that time.

Jeff moved to London to become professional at age 21. He toured with Noel Redding (ex Jimi Hendrix), Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull) and in his career has jammed / gigged with Robert Palmer, Ginger Baker, Buddy Miles, Steve Holly (Wings) and many others.

Jeff has recorded in major studios including Abbey Road, Sun Studios (London), De Lane Lea, Roundhouse, Trident, Air London etc. In the 80’s in the US he founded and toured with Memphis Train, a Boston-based blues band playing at the Crossroads music festival in Nashville, House of Blues and other prestigious gigs.

These days Jeff still jams in three continents with various bands depending where he is. At the last Austin NAMM show in 2007, Jeff played with Buddy Miles and Vernon Reid of Living Color.

Jeff’s partners in gig-fx are two distinguished analog design engineers who have a life-time experience of analog design and playing music. Bruce Ritz, co-founder of gig-fx, has no less than 30 years’ experience of analog circuit design and is an accomplished keyboard player who also played with Jeff in Memphis Train.

The Shenzhen-based China team for gig-fx are long-term friends and associates of gig-fx. Dong Qi and Jean Yang have been partners with Jeff in various successful electronic enterprises. They are well-versed in analog electronic manufacturing and logistics and are familiar with the highest level of quality manufacturing routines.