PanEcho Delay Pedal

Now available! The long-awaited PanEcho pedal!


NOTICE TO ARTISTS: Due to the sophisticated and complicated design of this pedal, we have decided the only way to guarantee the performance we expect of a pedal of this quality is to hand-build each one.

Obviously, this is labor-intensive, and due to lower volume, the price is a little higher than if we had outsourced it. BUT, this approach allows us to have full control over the entire process, ensuring only the best components are used, and each pedal will undergo rigorous testing by our Technical (genius) Engineer, Bruce Ritz, and the Gig-FX founder, Jeff Purchon, before being individually numbered, hand-signed and carefully packed and shipped directly to the artist.

This unique pedal will NOT be for sale in stores. We are building these to order only. It will take 10-12 weeks to build, but we guarantee it will be worth it!  There has never been a pedal in the World that sounds as amazing as this pedal. Hear it for yourself online below, but know that in person, this pedal will totally blow your mind:

$375 – NO ARTIST DISCOUNTS. Absolutely no freebies, donations, or discounts available at this time.


And, if you need more convincing, here is the talented Chris McDermott using the pedal: